23 February 2022
Accessplc provides a leading F1 Team with the insights it needs to take its performance to the next level.

Implementing or upgrading an organization’s current Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a struggle for any sized organization, not to mention as fast-paced an industry as F1. In our latest Customer Success Story, we will be sharing how we were able to bring together various ERP functions into one platform.

Through expert understanding of this F1 team’s business requirements, we were able to improve onboarding, performance management, financial monitoring, and employee benefits. This allowed the organization to monitor all aspects of their business through a single platform and give them the insights, and remediations, required to increase performance and productivity in all aspects of their business.




Company Profile

At its core, the F1 industry strives to deliver sustainable and efficient operations, whilst also building an engaged, high-performing workforce. A highly competitive, connected, results lead industry means that every portion of their performance matters. Whether on or off the track, analysis of various departmental inefficiencies, and the subsequent remediations, is key to helping a team productively function, and most importantly, helping them win.


The F1 Pains

A team is only as strong as its weakest member. This is as true within F1 as it is in any other sport. When it comes to automotive performance, the F1 team we dealt with was exceptional, however, when it comes to business operations and processes, many within the industry struggle to translate their analytical efficiency into further teams throughout their industry.

When sixty engineers are having upwards of fifty meetings on a race weekend, focused on reviewing, learning, and performing, you can understand the knock-on effect it can have if other departments (Marketing/Finance/Logistics/HR) aren’t working productively or to their maximum potential. If anything can hinder race day, then it is worth sorting.



The initial challenge for us came from upgrading current systems. With various teams throughout the organization using older versions of Microsoft D365, with many, poorly written, customizations. Other challenges lay with observing each departmental inefficiency and spending time noting the individual needs of each area.

Migration of data, whilst keeping existing enterprise data for reporting/repository purposes, along with a deep dive of process analysis for an improvement plan for each department, left us with a lot of work within a short window of time. After all, working with an F1 team, you have an emphasis on doing things right, as well as quickly.



To overcome these issues, our team of experts carried out a robust process improvement plan, and analysis of current business operations, taking into consideration version upgrades needed per department and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) to help understand the adoption rates from current users and provide help when needed.

Using our experience dealing with other enterprises our team was able to unite the front and back office through a singular system to optimize productivity. Our team did this in record time and with their previous experience with other similar-sized enterprises, they were able to implement the required customizations for each individual department with minimal business disruption.


Results and Improvements

The overall results for the F1 team in question were dramatic increases in productivity (as much as a 50% increase) and created a far more streamlined production for every facet of the organization. We enhanced visibility over the entire organization, leading to an uptake in departmental collaboration, which in turn led to accelerated innovation and showcased previously unseen revenue streams to take advantage of.

Our process improvement strategy increased the agility of everyone within the business, which subsequently led to staff having the ability to see performance-based issues with the car itself. Fixing these issues and understanding how to maximize efficiency has led to changes being implemented in the car and seeing notable performance increase on the track during testing.


Our D365 business leaders have over 30 years in the ERP sector and have continuously built systems that help enterprises in a plethora of sectors. If you need further information or wish to see how we could help you improve process efficiency and productivity, then please call 0203 751 6425, or email info@accessplc.com.