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Improve productivity and user experience with the Access plc set of applications

The smarter way to do automation

icon1 Access Agent

Access agent is the all-encompassing endpoint platform. It has the ability to fix issues before end-users are impacted, as well as respond to end-user interaction

agent-image- Apply fixes on the fly
- Detect complex pattern based on OS events, timers and data feeds
- Display notifications to the user
- Active Directory password reset from the login screen
- Ticket logging function, compatible with Access Engineer, Service Manager and ServiceNow
- Workflow execution engine. Take the appropriate action based on user response and captured events

icon2 Access Tech Portal

The smarter, easier way to resolve your IT issues quickly. Access Tech Portal is a self-help solution that assists users resetting password, installing applications, managing mobile services and email profiles and end-to-end IT requests.

techportal-image- Password resets and unlocks for Active Directory accounts, RSA and customizable to include other in-house authentication systems
- Common end-user self service functions for BlackBerry, Good for Enterprise and G3.
- Management, provisioning and self-service of Distribution Lists, Shared Mailboxes, Contacts and Security Groups
- Common end-user self service functions covering end-user telephony
- Generic knowledge base covering help articles for end-users
- Ticket logging function, compatible with Access Engineer, Service Manager and ServiceNow

icon3 Access Chat

Access Chat is a support application that enables users to engage helpdesk technicians to resolve IT support issues


- Web client can be launched from any web page or OS
- Windows thick client enables the display of user away presence and to apply fixes on the fly
- Integrated with Access Agent
- Persistence session (If a reboot is required the user will re-join the chat with the same technician)
- When joining the queue the average waiting time is displayed to the user


- Web based (Compatible with IE 9+, Chrome and Firefox)
- Technician can handle four chat at a time
- Preview user contact information, historical / current incident and the health of the different workstation the user is using
- View other technicians’ presence and invite them to a chat via drag and drop
- Drag and drop pre-canned messages and URLS
- Join and preview chats from the management tools
- Understand team performance at a glance by viewing chart aggregated reports. Full reporting extract are also available
- Apply automated fixes instantly while the user is chatting by simply dragging and dropping the desired fix.
- Assign chats and technicians to skill groups

icon4 Access myCosts

With Access myCosts you can control the spending of your IT department. Apply rules and make user aware of what they are costing to the organization 


- Apply rules on assets across your organization and instantly view potential savings
- User and managers can understand what they are spending
- Navigate through the organization and view the cost of your employees
- Automate the request of removal / additions of devices and accounts

icon5 Access UAT

Capture issues and sign off during user acceptance test


- End-to-end management of UAT from a centralized web portal
- Supports tracking of sign-off related to application or platform testing including test, screenshots and attachment related evidence
- Provides a fully managed session brokering solution