What is better than best-in-class IT automation solutions?

Having an experienced team of solution experts and consultants create customized solutions that fit your needs!

In today's fast-paced world, automation is often seen as the silver bullet to provide enterprises greater efficiencies, cost savings, and improved profits. While implementing proven automation solutions is the first step, Digital Transformation is more than technology — its about process optimization and innovation (because automating a bad process just makes it faster, not better) and organizational change management.

Most large organizations realize this but they struggle with the practical implementation — it is hard to change from the inside out. Sometimes, a third party lending another set of eyes, real-world experience, and industry best practices, can move mountains. This is where our Managed Services team can help.

Our own consulting team and associate consultants are some of the best talents in the industry today. Their ability to dissect your processes and extract the underlying business logic, policies, guidelines, and procedures allows us to create more efficient, faster, and less resource-intensive processes, policies, procedures. As a result, you are now extracting every aspect of value from the changes, creating robotic process automation, and deriving the maximum return from your technology investments.

While we tackle all sorts of IT management challenges, the most common are Windows 10 / Office 365 migration and upgrade management, Evergreen IT implementation and management, as well as PaaS / Cloud Computing and Business-as-Usual support. Depending on your goals and needs, this engagement can be a fixed-price one-off project, an ongoing shared risk/reward-type engagement, or something in-between.

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Windows 10 Migrations

We take the guesswork (and therefore the pain) out of your Windows 10 migration. By utilizing our IT Automation tooling, our experienced consultants drive an accelerated OS transformation faster and smoother than you thought possible.

  • Application inventory & migration performance assessments
  • Application discovery, packaging, and user acceptance testing
  • Application Management including app deployment, version and lifecycle controls
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Windows Upgrades & Evergreen IT Management

Managing your Windows-as-a-Service and Evergreen IT can be daunting — causing many enterprises to procrastinate. But it doesn't have to be. We help you create efficient project frameworks and automated, repeatable processes. For example, with each new Windows 10 build we offer:

  • Automated repeat application testing
  • Application performance analysis to allow you to compare application performances
  • Virtual machine management to run controlled virtual machines
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Office 365 Migrations

An increasing number of enterprises are moving away from on-premise Office and into the cloud with Office 365. This could cause a number of issues, like broken macros. Our consultants will ensure that your migration not only goes as efficiently as possible but also as smoothly as possible.

  • Discover and assess Office application add-ins and plugins that potentially could cause issues
  • Create an automated repeat testing process to ensure all of your Office-related applications work with Office 365
  • Sign-off Office 365 migration success and failure (including measurements and analytics of success rates)
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Platform-as-a-Service & Cloud Computing

Reduce costs and complexity by embracing platform-as-a-service offerings and cloud computing — and we enable you to maximize the associated benefits.

  • Manage your Azure VM infrastructure through Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
  • Apply desktop support fixes proactively or reactively from Azure
  • Enable cloud-hosted desktop through stateless VDI performance measurements
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Business-as-Usual Support

Drastically improve employee and customer retention by giving them the best possible technology experience while keeping your IT estate compliant, secure, and up-to-date.

  • Significantly reduce the number of helpdesk tickets raised through proactive and reactive issue prevention
  • Enable end users to identify and proactively fix issues through self-service
  • Let your end users sign-off on a new app or upgrade while indirectly training them at the same time
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