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    Eric Wright Business Manager

    Eric has progressed from being a 360-degree Contract Consultant to a 'hands on' Business Manager, leading and developing a team of Contract and Perm consultants. Once an avid rugby player, unfortunately his glass knee's had other ideas, and he's since been relegated to the stands.

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    Dominic Parker Business Delivery Lead

    Dominic has been working in the IT recruitment sector for over 8 years. Having started out as a 360-degree Consultant, Dom discovered a passion for business development. Now focusing entirely on this side, Dom is responsible for finding and retaining customers for the Access team. Away from work, Dom is a passionate cyclist. When he’s not riding his bike, he’s either watching cycling, talking about cycling or waiting for Danny.

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    Jon Cundy Consultant

    Jon's claim to fame is that he played for Sheffield Wednesday in the academy team alongside Jamie Vardy and Danny Care. Whilst Jon's career took off and he became a great recruiter, can the same really be said for the other two?

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    Danny Sturgeon Consultant

    Danny is a skilled recruiter whose real strength lies in the relationships he forges with his candidates & clients. When not in the office, Danny can be found cycling up a hill in the Peak District (usually 10 minutes in front of Dom) or on the golf course... As an ex-pro, the habit is hard to kick!

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    Sarah Denton Resource Consultant

    Sarah graduated with a degree in Psychology and has experience of working in the mental health and social services sectors. She’s now a valued member of the Access resourcing team, covering both contract and permanent roles. She’s a bubbly and friendly character, and always partial to a glass of white wine, no matter what time of day it is.

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