11 January 2020

If it wasn’t for Danny, I don’t think I would be working in the UK yet as he sorted everything out for me. I have not more than 3 months in this beautiful country so I had no idea how to find jobs around here, how people get hired, get paid and so on – I had no clue!

Before meeting Danny, I was randomly applying for jobs and getting no luck. Danny helped me to find a role that was relevant to my past experience, and called me regularly to update me along the process. I was amazed and curious to why a stranger took interest in me and helped me get a job. After the first call we had a great connection between us, and was like we had been friends for a long time.

Even after I had started at my new company, he is always asking how I’m getting on at work, if I’ve found any better accomodation and if I’m enjoying my new lifestyle and so on. He works very hard, and you can trust him from the first moment you speak with him. He inspires confidence and is very friendly. I have nothing bad to say about my relationship with him throughout the process, and I think the recruitment industry needs more people like him!